Fuad Abdel Aziz

A professional journalist who worked for the official news agency Sana, Fuad Abdel Aziz found himself being used to endorse the government’s lies about the protests in Deraa, which the army invaded at the end of April 2011 after it became the first city to rise up against the Assad regime.Suspected from the outset of sympathizing with the revolutionary movement, he describes the measures taken within the news agency to monitor the views of its journalists and the pressure put on those who question the regime’s disinformation methods.

Rafaat Al-Ghanem

A Syrian blogger jailed in Saudi Arabia for launching a petition for the release of Saudi political prisoners, Rafaat Al-Ghanem was handed back to the Syrian intelligence services by the Saudi authorities after the start of the popular uprising in Syria.

Released from prison in Syria in July 2011, he joined young Syrian activists in promoting a peaceful revolution but this prompted more harassment from the intelligence services. Like thousands of other Syrians, he ended up fleeing across the border into Jordan.

In Jordan, he linked up with Radio El Balad, a Jordanian radio station that launched a programme hosted by Syrian journalists. His account describes his experiences, including the sensitive issue of the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and the difficulties that journalists encounter when they try to cover conditions inside the camps.